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  • Продолжительность 10 week
  • Уровень мастерства Pre-intermediate (minimum)
  • Язык Английский
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The aim of the online course is to help English learners gain skills in using English idioms during negotiations as well as develop communication skills in English. This course is perfect for business people, entrepreneurs, managers and other specialists working in business area.

The idiom topics to cover:

Knowing and Understanding

Success and Failure

Having problems

Dealing with problems

Power and Authority

Structuring and Talking about Arguments


Social Status



What we offer:
– American idioms for business with a native speaker
– 10 Ninety-minute Skype lessons – 1 lesson per week x 10 weeks
– Homework, tests, lesson materials and access to your personal profile on MacKey.com.ua
– Number of participants in each group – 3

Required level: Pre-intermediate/Intermediate
Price: 1500 UAH (you can pay 150 UAH for the first `test` lesson only)
Duration: 10 weeks
Web-site: https://mackey.com.ua

Paul Peters

A fun-loving part-time philosopher/psychologist/writer and full-time teacher of English from Austin, Texas, USA. My chief passion in life is promoting understanding and effective communication between people, through breaking down language barriers. Since I’m American, I have a particular interest in promoting a better understanding and appreciation of American English worldwide. As I see it, the biggest obstacle foreigners face in understanding Americans lies in the fact that American English is replete with idioms and phrasal verbs. And since idioms and phrasal verbs have unique meanings and are never to be understood literally, to fully understand Americans, it is essential for foreigners to know what these idioms and phrasal verbs mean to Americans. My desire in helping overcome this problem is what led me to teaching English – with a primary focus on American idioms and phrasal verbs.

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