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  • 1,300₴

    English Film Course

    Do you want to watch films in English but don`t understand them yet? Do you want to learn how to talk about films in English, analyze and discuss…

  • 1,500₴

    How to negotiate like an American?

    The aim of the online course is to help English learners gain skills in using English idioms during negotiations as well as develop communication skills in English. This…

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  • 1,500₴

    Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

    Idioms and Phrasal Verbs with Paul – Your Passport to Native Fluency in American English! An online course for those who want to speak English like Americans do…

  • 2,000₴

    Filmmaking in English (1 step)

    The course has been designed for film fans. During the course you are going to get all necessary skills to discuss films with your English-speaking friends.  The required…