New Year Eve Party 2020

Welcome to our New Year Party on December 22! Both teachers and students desperately need to chill after a hard year of learning and teaching. So our main…

Idioms and Phrasal Verbs with Paul – Your Passport to Native Fluency in American English!

An online course for those who want to speak English like Americans do in real life. Great for people from all walks of life – business people, IT…

08:00 PM-09:30 PM

Vacation by Skype


!!!The schedule and the dates can change. Please register to be informed of the changes You are welcome to join us at the Skype Conference about travelling abroad!…

04:30 PM-07:30 PM

May Day Event

ЖК Аристократ, Е. Коновальца 34, офис 287

ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Время и тайминг изменился. Ждем Вас: 16:30-17:50 Клуб переговорщиков с Дмитрием Марининым 18:00-19:30 интерактивная лекция по Индии с Ольгой Чемерис Приносим наши извинения. Приглашаем на заключающее мероприятие…