12:30 AM-03:30 PM

New Year Eve Party 2020

ЖК "Аристократ" Евгения Коновальца 34, оф.34

Welcome to our New Year Party on December 22! Both teachers and students desperately need to chill after a hard year of learning and teaching. So our main…

08:00 PM-09:30 PM

Vacation by Skype


!!!The schedule and the dates can change. Please register to be informed of the changes You are welcome to join us at the Skype Conference about travelling abroad!…

02:30 PM-03:30 PM

Women`s meeting: emotions


Hi!  This event is going to be the last meeting in the frame of this project. The meeting is aimed at women who want to discuss and find…

09:00 PM-10:00 PM

Teachers` meeting: online tools and methods


We are happy to announce our next teaching event on Friday, June 19, at 9 pm! This time we are going to discuss online teaching tools and methods,…

07:00 PM-08:30 PM

I am Hip-Hop

Online (Messenger)

I am Hip-Hop! We are keeping on our Quarantine Marathon! This time we`re gonna talk about hip-hop culture. Hip-hop has been bringing big sums of money to music…

01:00 PM-02:00 PM

By Law


We are keeping on our Quarantine Marathon! We are happy to see you this Saturday at 1 pm at our online meeting dedicated to the current situation in…