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  • Продолжительность 10 week
  • Уровень мастерства Pre-intermediate (minimum)
  • Язык Английский
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We are happy to invite you to join our Negotiation course online!

Who needs this course?

Employees of international companies who are participating /going to participate in real negotiations with native speakers and other nationalities; English learners who are fond of negotiations and debates; English learners who feel shy to speak English with another foreigners.


What is in the course?

The course includes both theoretical material about negotiations and practical tasks and negotiation cases.  You are going to find out how to prepare for negotiations, get some negotiation tips, how to summarize negotiations. Theoretical information will be accompanied by practical tasks. Each session includes designed negotiation cases where you can practice and work out the skills with a native speaker.


What will you get?

  • Speaking experience with a native speaker, which helps to overcome your language barrier
  • Negotiation tips and analyzing skills
  • Practice of negotiations, which can be applied in real life
  • Records of your negotiations and theory, study materials


More details

Lecturers: Paul Peterson – a native speaker from Texas, USA; Dmytro Marinin – an expert in negotiations; Nataly Zhemchugova – a moderator

Starting date: July 4

Duration: 2-hour lesson every week (10 lessons)

Where: online (Skype)

Group: 5 participants (the participants will be divided into smaller groups of 3 people each during the session)

Fee: 2500 UAH (the first lesson is paid separately 250 UAH, and when you decide, you pay 2250 UAH)


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Paul Peters

A fun-loving part-time philosopher/psychologist/writer and full-time teacher of English from Austin, Texas, USA. My chief passion in life is promoting understanding and effective communication between people, through breaking down language barriers. Since I’m American, I have a particular interest in promoting a better understanding and appreciation of American English worldwide. As I see it, the biggest obstacle foreigners face in understanding Americans lies in the fact that American English is replete with idioms and phrasal verbs. And since idioms and phrasal verbs have unique meanings and are never to be understood literally, to fully understand Americans, it is essential for foreigners to know what these idioms and phrasal verbs mean to Americans. My desire in helping overcome this problem is what led me to teaching English – with a primary focus on American idioms and phrasal verbs.

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