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  • Продолжительность 20 week
  • Уровень мастерства Pre-intermediate (minimum)
  • Язык Английский
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Do you want to learn more about the connection between fashion and art? Many people think that fashion is the world of big businesses and brands. But have you ever thought that fashion is an ethereal and pure art by itself? In this course you will find out about:

  • modern fashion and art industries inside-out
  • birth of fashion and its transformation throughout history
  • new fashion technologies and innovations
  • connection between art and fashion

The students will also have a chance to talk with a Bolivian artist Guto Ajayu, a creator of Anden pop art, the style that shows precolumbine simbology with urban and pop elements, creating a dialogue between two worlds and two different times in history.

We offer:

  • 7 ninety-minute lessons
  • a small group of 3 people
  • fashion discussions in English
  • practicing fashion vocabulary
  • information and material about fashion industry
  • interactive tasks and an artistic talk

Price: 1000 UAH (the first lesson is paid separately – 160 UAH+840 UAH)

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Liudmyla Tenetiukh

Liudmyla Tenetiukh is a Ukrainian citizen who moved to Madrid 2 years ago to gain a Master`s Degree in Fashion and Luxury Business Management of GBSB Global Business School. There she started her art and fashion career as an Art Project Coordinator of the B.I.T. Conference Madrid. Besides this, Liudmila has great experience in fashion event management and marketing.

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